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Buy Android Source Code | Super Cleaner Android Source Code

THE BEST Phone Manager to master clean!
Super Cleaner – the BEST choice to clean junk files and master privacy, with features: Applocker, App Manager, Junk Cleaner for android, Speed Booster, CPU cooler, and Battery Saver, Duplicate File Remover, Notification Manager

?★ Speed Booster
No more auto-start application in the backend. Phone Master boosts processing speed, clean unnecessary apps that running in the background, and save battery.
?️★ Junk Cleaner
Always feel slow and need more space when using your phone? Best Phone Cleaner to remove junk cache files, Clean up storage, boost performance
?Battery Saver
The battery saver can analyze battery usage and monitor all apps that drain power while not in use. Hibernating the apps to stop battery draining and promote battery life.
?CPU Cooler
Cooling the CPU heat by detecting and close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise.
App Locker can lock up apps, photos, messages, and other private data with a password or pattern. You can easily protect your private information. Hide sensitive photos, videos, contact, SMS, and communication apps by encrypting it. Give your secret solid protection as your best defender.

App Manager

Smart Charge

Notification Manager

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